Fur Tips

How To Care For Your Fur

  • Furs stored in your home should be kept away from direct heat or light.

  • Closet storage should be unrestricted to breath. Always clean once a year in order to keep the fur full and shiny.

  • Regular cleaning prevents oxidation. Reconditioning helps to restore the luster and prevents the fur from splitting at the seams.

  • Always keep your fur in a cool place.

  • Should always wear a fur purse coat protector to avoid wear and tear to the shoulder of the fur.

  • If your fur gets wet from the rain or snow, shake it well from upside down as if you were shaking a rug to fluff and hang it up. Do not apply heat to dry. If the fur is soaked, immediately take the garment to a professional furrier to be blocked and protected.

  • With proper care your garment can last a lifetime